Crowns & Veneers - Aesthetic Dentistry

Ceramic Crowns 


Cosmetic and Aesthetic dentistry is one of the most cost effective ways to enhance your appearance. A beautiful, bright, healthy smile can contribute hugely to self-confidence and overall life satisfaction.

When teeth become older, they may become darker or yellow and develop signs of abrasion, cracking, or chipping. These obvious ageing signs result in smiles that lack vitality and are dull. 


Crowns and veneers are also a very effective and quick way to correct unsightly gaps and irregularities which might have had an impact on your confidence and smile.


What is a veneer?



A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain or plastic that is bonded to a tooth to improve its colour and shape. A veneer usually covers only the front and top of a tooth.

Veneers can be used to:

  • Close gaps in teeth
  • Repair broken or chipped teeth.
  • Whiten dark, yellow, permanently-stained or discoloured teeth.
  • Straighten crooked teeth.
  • Improve gummy smiles.
  • Overall smile enhancement.


How do we restore teeth with veneers and crowns?

It takes two or more appointments to restore teeth with veneers/crowns. During the first appointment, we shape and roughen the teeth. We then take impressions of your teeth, which we use to make precise working models of your mouth. It’s on these models that we artistically craft veneers/crowns to fit the prepared teeth.

During the second appointment we clean and polish the prepared teeth. Then we use an adhesive to bond the veneers/crowns to the teeth. A harmless, high-intensity light hardens the adhesive. Once in place, veneers/crowns virtually become part of the teeth. You can use them like you would your own teeth, because the bond is extremely strong. The final result is beautiful and natural looking teeth.