Adolescent Dentistry

Adolescent dental care is free at our practice

Children in New Zealand are entitled to free basic oral health services from birth until their 18th birthday

We see way too many young adults consulting us with “very expensive”  problems that could have been avoided if they visited before their eligibility lapsed.

We all want to give our children the best start in life. We want them to grow, develop and thrive. Healthy teeth play an important role in a child’s development, helping them to eat and speak properly. Nice teeth are important for self confidence later in life.


If your child is in school year 9 or above, you can choose your dentist

Simply call us and book an appointment and we will provide the neccessary documentation for them to register with us. Parents have the choice of either having their teenager seen at the "school bus" or at a private dentist of their choice (if contracted with ARDS- Auckland Regional Dental Services- to provide this free service). They can NOT see both, and once registered with a private clinic, should refuse to attend the school clinic when called. 

The benefit of registering with a private dentist, compared to school bus, is that your child will always see the same dentist, irrespective of whether it is for routine dental care or emergency/accident related care.


Preschool , primary school and intermediate school children

are seen by dental therapists at the local community dental clinic (North Cross Intermediate Community Dental Clinic is the closest to us and can be contacted on 09-4794236). It’s important to enroll your child as early as possible into the service so that you can arrange the first check-up. Your child’s first visit will usually be between their 1st and 2nd birthdays. Dental staff will let you know the timing of your appointment once you enroll. For any treatment outside of their scope of practice, your child will be referred to a dentist of your choice. We are contracted to provide this treatment free of charge (if not orthodontic related).

It’s easy to enrol, just call 0800 Talk Teeth (0800 825 583). They will guide you through it and send out the right forms for you to fill in. If your child is a preschooler or at primary school, fill in the forms and post them to your local oral health service. If you are unsure where this is, call them or visit

ACC – Accidents all children

Children of all ages should contact us in case of any accident involving teeth or mouth.